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Hornet Custom Pistol Ruger 10/22

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Congratulations to our many faithful customers and dedicated custom Ruger 10/22 gun builders!
Send us a sharp picture of your "tack driving" shooting machine for our new Gun Gallery.
All submittals for approval should be unique, not similar to any of our website packages, with excellent images, and use at least one of our products. Include your "name" and town.

"Father's Defeat" by Matthew R. from Honolulu, Hawaii
Hornet Custom "Stinger" Rifle Stock (Special Limited Edition)
ER Shaw 16.5" barrel
Volquartsen Large Foward Blow Compensator
Hornet Custom "Plinker Special" Trigger Assembly

"Night Stalker" by Hornet Products - Private Collection
Nikon 3-9 x 40mm Buckmaster "Camo" matching mount, rings and receiver
Green Mountain #901777 20" fluted sporter barrel - OD Green
Customized Boyd's thumbhole sporter stock - color: gunmetal gray
Hornet Custom Custom Camo Trigger Assembly
Hornet Custom Speed Bolt Assembly

Custom built by Theresa J-H - Baraboo, WI

"My Baby" - Custom built by Becky C. - Hamilton,IL
Red & Black Yukon Revolution stock (Laser Engraved)
Hornet Custom-STGA Trigger W/ Volquartsen safety,
Red Tactical solutions extended magazine release,
Voquartsen 17HM2 carbon fiber THM Barrel,
Voquartsen 17HM2 bolt assembly,
Simmons Aetec scope

"ZERO" by Herm T. - HP.C Ruger 10/22 SuperStore

Volquartsen Custom 17HM2 "Snake" Barrel and Bolt
Hornet Custom TGA-TGT-S Target Trigger
Nikon Monarch 6.5-20X 40mm AO Target Scope
Custom laminated benchrest rifle stock
Sinclair Internation Pedestal Rest

Custom built by James L. - Fishers, IN
Green Mtn. Aero Barrel
Richard's Stock
Hornet Custom Trigger Group
Evolution Gun Works Scope Mount & Center Point Scope and Rings

The "ACE" Target Rifle built by, Ray T. - Tucson, AZ
Premier II Target Stock - Metallic Silver
Volquartsen Mach-2 Aluminum THM Barrel w/40-Port Compnsator - All Black Finish
Volquartsen Mach-2 Bolt Assembly for .17 HM2
Hornet Custom-S Trigger Assembly w/Red Trigger
Leupold VX-III 6.5-20x 50mm LR Target Scope - Silver Finish

The "Tactical Quacamole", built by James L. - Fisher, Indiana
Premier II Stock, Tactical Solutions Fluted Aluminum Barrel w/Compensator, Volquartsen TG2000 Trigger AssemblyOctober 2006

The "The SHARK Rifle", built by James L. - Fisher, Indiana
Shark Stock*, Butler Creek Fluted Blue Barrel w/Triport CompensatorOctober 2006
(*) Shark Stock no longer manufactured.

The "Diablo XTR", built by Nathan W., Aloha, Oregon
Bell & Carlson BR-50 Target Stock Volquartsen Fluted All-Black 17 HM2 Match Barrel & Bolt
Volquartsen Receiver Scope Mount
Volquartsen TG2000 Trigger
Leupold Custom Shop .17 HM2 Bullet Drop compensated 6.5x20x50mm VX-III
Burris Tactical 30mm Rings

The "CUDA", built by James L. - Fisher, Indiana
Left Hand Turner Barracuda Stock
Hornet "B" Trigger Group
Hornet Green Mountain Match Barrel
Hornet Volquartsen Barrel Scope Mount
BSA "Hubble Sized" Scope
November 2006

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