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Hornet Custom Vintage Trigger Assembly Ruger 10/22

Our Price: $229.95
Availability: In Stock


Vintage Ruger 10/22 LR trigger assembly with Ruger "all-weather" cast aluminum housing.
Discontinued in 2006 - rare. All internal parts are new metal Generation II parts.


  • Light trigger release: Only 2-1/4 lbs., exceptionally smooth. No trigger takeup. No trigger creep. No spongy pull.
  • All new Hornet Custom stainless steel drift pins eliminating all trigger play and contributing to a smoother trigger pull.
  • Hornet Custom glitch-free silver serrated auto bolt release/lock for fast and secure handling.
  • Tactical Solutions silver wrap-around extended magazine release. Red satin aluminum finish available alternative.
  • Anodized aluminum red trigger. Silver finish available.
  • All parts custom hand-fitted, plus 18-point parts lubrication.


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  • Phone Order: Call 941-359-1319 for personal help.

Yes! We will $Buy$ your trigger assembly:
Send us your trigger assembly for $33 cash or credit towards one of our Hornet Custom Triggers.
It must be in good working condition, with no missing parts.
Upon examination we will send you a check or credit towards one of our better trigger assemblies.
If it is substandard, we will return it to you no charge.

Mail to: Hornet Custom Rebate Offer, P.O. Box 1664, Sarasota, FL 34230-1664

Amazon Rating: Five Stars

Speaking from years of experience with Hornet Triggers! By M. Granato on May 3, 2016
I have purchase a number of products throughout the years from hornetproducts.com an have always been satisfied above my expectations with their custom triggers. I still have the original Custom B trigger. It was one of the least expensive triggers they made back in about 2005ish and it still is amazing. With a 2.5lb trigger, so crisp it breaks like glass, don't hesitate on getting anyone of Hornet's trigger! Why pay more for Volquartsen or KIDD when you get the same result for a whole lot less. Even the new BX Ruger trigger for all you purest, doesn't come with the auto bolt release like all of the hornet triggers do. So unless you want to do the trigger job yourself, just let the pros at Hornet Products do the work, you won't regret it. And no I don't work for Hornet Products. I'm just and a real satisfied customer.

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Shipping and Handling: $8.50

Optional Items (Click on item name for full description):
Receiver Pins - Stainless (Pair) - Item #: B-5SS $5.49


Hornet Custom  VTGA-AWS-TSEMR-Red   Our Price: $229.95    

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