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Ruger 10/22 Hornet Custom Classic Speed Bolt & Volquartsen Cocking Handle Assembly

Our Price: $159.95
Availability: In Stock

Item #: VC10EB Target Speed Bolt


Hornet Custom Classic Speed Bolt
This is a high peformance customized bolt for the Ruger 10/22 LR. A new factory bolt assembly was modified by replacing the factory firing pin and the factory extractor. Finish: Buffed smooth. The Power Custom Titanium Firing Pin is 43% lighter than steel for faster lock time, quicker cycling, and better performance. It features a wider, precision ground impact point for better ignition at impact on rimfire cartridges. The Volquartsen "Exact-Edge" extractor hook point is also precision sharpened and hardened to hold .005" closer to the rim to provide a tight purchase of the cartridge while the bolt is cycling during rapid fire. This is especially important when firing match grade ammunition. The factory extractor is simply not up to the task of handling cartridge extraction during fast-action competition shooting. Misfiring problems are often associated with bad extractors, bad firing pins, bad magazines, and bad ammunition.

Extended Bolt Handle & Recoil Rod Assembly
The Extended Bolt Handle features the same shape and design as the bolt handle featured on their fully machined bolts. The handle is extended .25" for faster, easier operation and the recoil rod is polished, hardened and then TIN Coated. This finish is not only extremely hard but also contains lubricating features to create an extremely smooth operating guide rod. The coated recoil rod reduces friction which improves both feeding and ejecting. A recoil rod spring is also included. The spring has been cryogenically treated to withstand years of use.


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    Volquartsen  VC10EB   Our Price: $159.95    

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