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New Ruger PC Carbine Enhanced 11-Piece Drop-In Trigger Kit - 3.5 lb. Pull

Our Price: $109.95
Availability: In Stock

Item #: PC-9 TPK

The Hornet Custom Ruger PC Carbine Trigger Kit is a product that upgrades the performance of the OEM trigger.  While good enough, this upgrade is a distinct improvement over factory.  The new trigger, sear, and disconnector are prefabricated in a sub-assembly using the provided slave pin.  Installing the new hammer and your mainspring is simple and completes the trigger assembly fabrication.  The polymer housing, mainspring and the bolt release assembly remains the same (not included).  Then the factory made blued drift pins are replaced with new stainless steel dowel pins oversized to remove trigger play.   A magazine release fix is included that keeps the magazine release parts from coming apart during field stripping.  See money back Rebate offer below.

Hornet Custom PC9 High-Performance 11-Piece Trigger Parts Kit Features:

  • Trigger Pull:  Only 3.5 lbs.  This offers a great value with overall performance consistent with safety and handling. We specialize in proprietary methods, tools, techniques, and materials plus a wide array of parts.   Application:  Hunting.  Off-hand recreational plinking.    
  • Eleven (11) piece custom parts kit.
  • Bolt lock failure fix:  We install a custom fitted s/s dowel pin to keep all the parts from falling apart when field stripping.
  • Stainless steel custom sized trigger drift pins for the disconnector, sear and hammer.  Better fit, less play and smoother.
  • Polished radial trigger plunger w/lightweight compression spring.
  • Slave pin included.  Mounted in a drop-in trigger/sear/disconnector subassembly,
  • 6-point lubrication of critical contact points with multiple types of lubricant.
  • Professionally custom tuned, hand-fitted and polished using matching parts.  All parts new and may vary from that shown.
  • Performance bench tested.
  • Warranty:  12-months parts and labor. 
  • No sales tax is collected except for Florida.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed:  100% refund, including postage for 30 days.  Free return shipping.  


  • Buy It Now.  Your trigger kit will be mailed direct to your address the next business day. Postal delivery time 3-5 business days.
  • Buyer installation required.  See Youtube.com for instructional videos.
  • No FFL requirements.

    Trigger Rebate Offer:  $36 refund for your original Ruger PC Hammer, Sear, Disconnector, tiny Disconnector Spring. Plunger and Spring, four (4) blued drift pins.  Eleven (11) pieces in all.  Ship to:  Hornet Products PC9 Rebate, P.O. Box 1664, Sarasota, Florida 34230-1664.  Mail it in a padded bubble envelope via USPS (provided) + $3.09 first class postage.   When received, a $36 credit will be posted to your Paypal or Credit Card account.

    About Us:  Hornet Products has been a trusted eBay seller since 2001.  Specializing in Ruger 10/22 high-performance triggers, mil-spec triggers,  and now the Ruger PC9 carbine triggers with over 10,000 satisfied trigger sales customers worldwide on several websites.

    Tip:  Your table top should be clear and well lighted.  Place a towel or mat as your working surface to keep parts together. 

    YouTube Video:  Ruger PC Carbine Disassembly Tech Tip

    • Stop at 2:24.  Go no further.  The trigger group is separated from the action.
    • Set aside the two (2) blued receiver pins.
    • Replace the blued bolt lock pin with the new s.s. pin from the TPK (Trigger Parts Kit).  This will prevent the bolt lock assembly from falling apart.
    • Put safety in the "off" position.
    • Put your left thumb on the hammer to keep it from flying forward.  Pull the trigger.  Remove the mainspring assembly.
    • Using pin punch (PP), drift out the hammer.  Place it  and the hammer pin in the plastic parts bag (PPB)
    • Drift out the trigger drift pin.  Remove the trigger, sear, disconnector, trigger pin, sear pin and put them in the PPB.
    • Put the tiny sear spring into PPB.  Be careful not to lose this part.
    • Remove the trigger plunger and trigger plunger spring and put them in the PPB.
    • Disassembly is complete.

    Installing New PC Carbine Trigger Parts Kit

    • Install new trigger plunger and trigger plunger spring from the trigger parts kit (TPK).
    • Drop in the Hammer/Sear/Disconnector subassembly and align with the trigger drift pin hole.
    • Compress trigger plunger and press new s.s. trigger pin in place.  
    • Cycle trigger to ensure action is smooth.
    • Align new hammer from TPK with hammer drift pin hole.  Press pin into position.
    • Align mainspring.  Place bottom of mainspring deep into the slot at the back of the trigger housing.  Retainer slot side up.
    • Align mainspring tip deep into the back of the new hammer.  Press down to make contact.
    • Use your right hand thumb to compress the hammer and mainspring until it locks back with a click.  
    • The trigger assembly is now complete.  
    • Test by putting your left thumb on the hammer, pull trigger and catch hammer while the trigger breaks.
    • Retract hammer with your right thumb until it locks back with a click.

    Reinstall trigger group to the receiver using the two blued receiver pins.

    The PPB should have eleven (11) parts in it: 

    • Hammer and hammer pin
    • Trigger and trigger pin 
    • Sear and tiny sear spring.
    • Disconnector and disconnector pin
    • Bolt lock pin
    • Trigger plunger and trigger plunger spring

    Mail PPB to Hornet Products with preaddressed postage provided to receive your $36 Rebate via PayPal or Credit Card you used to place your order.

    Thank you.

  • Shipping and Handling: $6.50

    Hornet Custom  PC9TriggerUpgradeKit   Our Price: $109.95    

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