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Ruger Mark I, II, III Pistol Take Down Instructions

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Item #: MK-TDI
We will include a printed copy with your order free of charge.

Warning!: You must have fair mechanical aptitude, dexterity, and an extra hand to do this.
Otherwise, take it to your local gunsmith.

One of the most dreaded gun chores is cleaning the Mark I, II, or III pistol.
Some owners will never do it.

Tools: Vise with padded jaws, rubber mallet, or small hammer with small wood block, tweezers, wood dowel, paper clip, and push pin.


1. Make sure the gun is not loaded and the magazine is empty.
Note: Grips, scope, bolt racker and muzzle brake removed for clarity.

2. Insert the magazine, put safety in the "F" position. Point the muzzle down. Pull the trigger so that the hammer has fallen forward (uncocked). Eject magazine.

3. Keep muzzle pointed down. Make a hook using a paperclip. Hook the mainspring on the back of the grip frame and swing it open. Swing assembly outward, then pull it down to release the bolt stop pin. Note that the receiver projects slightly beyond the grip frame because later it will have to be reinstalled exactly in the same alignment so that the bolt stop pin fits.

4. Insert the magazine, point the muzzle upward, pull the trigger and the bolt will drift out of the receiver by gravity. If it didnt, do the previous step over. Eject magazine.

5. With the magazine out, remove the receiver from the grip frame by clamping the grip frame snug to a padded vise, then tap the back of the receiver to the left with a small block of wood or small rubber mallet so that it breaks free. This can be stubborn on real dirty guns. - use Breakfree lubricant between the joints.

Alternate method. Invert gun, tap frame left to right.
Reminder: If you forgot to remove the magazine, the frame will not separate.

Clean receiver, bolt, breech, barrel bore, grip and lightly oil.


6. Put safety in the "F" position. Keep your finger off the trigger. Position hammer in the cocked position laying flat (horizontal). Note: The hammer strut behind it must not be trapped behind the cross pin preventing the hammer back down flat. Or, if the hammer is stuck forward, insert the magazine to force the hammer back and flat. Eject magazine.

7. Reinstall barrel/receiver aligning the square lug to the grip frame.

For MK III pistols, check to make sure the loaded chamber indicator pin (on the left side of receiver) has not fallen out of the receiver.

8. Clamp the grip frame snug to a padded vise, tap the muzzle to the right using a rubber mallet until the rear overhangs slightly. Remember what I said in step 3? The hole in the grip frame must line up exactly with the hole in the barrel receiver.

Alternate method, barrel against table, tap mallet on frame.

9. Insert magazine, point muzzle up, pull the trigger. The hammer should fall back to the cocked position by gravity. If not, reach in the back of the receiver and pull the hammer back and down. Eject the magazine. Hold the gun horizontal so that the hammer does not fall forward. Slide in the bolt assembly with the spring side up.

Special Note: Before installing the bolt, make sure the firing stop pin did not fall out. Otherwise, the firing pin is unrestrained and will damage the barrel when hit by the hammer, making the pistol useless.

10. Insert magazine. Point muzzle down, pull the trigger to release the hammer fully forward position. Verify by looking in the backside of the grip frame. If it did not fall forward, reach in poke it forward. Still holding the muzzle down, hammer forward, insert bolt stop pin of the mainspring assembly up into the round hole. If it didnt fit, the holes did not line up exactly and you have to backup to make it right. Do Not install the mainspring yet into the back of the grip frame.

Note vertical alignment shown by the dowel rod.

11. Next, point the muzzle up, safety in "F" position, grip the frame with your left hand, hold the trigger down (back) and make sure the hammer strut is hanging downward. If it is stuck up, free it.

12. This is the hardest part. While in the muzzle up position, the hammer strut fits into the slot of the mainspring. Now, while still holding the trigger down, bolt stop pin all the way up, strut in the slot, pointed latch lever of the mainspring rotated clockwise all the way, push the mainspring into the slot in the back of the grip, then snap the mainspring latch shut flush to the back of the grip.

Reminder: If the safety is not in the "F" position, the mainspring will not seat.

Note: Only if you have a Model 22/45, after snapping the mainspring latch shut, remove the magazine and the mainspring will close completely.

If you did it right, verify by pulling the bolt backward to open fully, then release. If the bolt is jammed, do the last step over because the hammer strut was not pointed down in step 12. Or, the hammer was not forward in step 10.

If you did all this and it didnt work, consult your owners manual. Do not operate the gun. Otherwise, put the parts in a shoe box and take it to your local gunsmith or return it to Ruger for service and cleaning.

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