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Hornet Custom "Stinger" Rifle Stock Ruger10/22 Special Limited Edition

Our Price: $294.95
1 Left Custom Profile
Availability: Temporarily Out Of Stock

Item #: HCSRS - Limited Availability - Black/Grey Laminated Birch wood only. Special fore end profile. Volquartsen Barrel Bedding Block System. Plus custom fitted Acraglas receiver bedding included. Stock only. No others parts.


So balanced and stable, it's freestanding. Custom Free-Floating Profile Illustrated. Color: Black laminated only.

Hornet Custom Stinger - The New Sporter & Target Stock in One!

Sporter Stock Features:

  • Ergonomically engineered for superior off-hand shooting comfort & stability.
  • Excellent fore-aft balance when coupled with after-market high-performance tapered sporter barrels & lightweight aluminum bull barrels.
  • Ambidexterous "1911-style" grip with palm swell, thumb rest and pinky-finger rest.
  • Rifle rubber butt pad angled for flush shoulder fit and comfort.
  • Ambidexterous contoured roll over cheek-piece pre-set elevation for standard medium-height 1" scope rings,
    factory Ruger made weaver-style receiver mount, using a 40mm objective rifle scope typically 3-9x power.
  • "Hornet Custom Stinger TM" laser engraved.

Target Stock Features:
  • Tapered forend contoured to fit popular pedestal-type sand bag rests.
    Simple elevation adjustment by moving rifle stock fore and aft.
    Stable flat-bottom rifle buttstock on rock-solid flat sand bag rest.
  • Sturdy, heavy-weight profile for better balance and control when mounted with long steel bull barrels 20"-28".
  • Fits both .920" bull barrels and tapered sporter barrels. See additional images below.
    Optional "free-floating" bedding systems are available. See option list below.
  • Non-convoluted, sleek styling that is functionally better by design.


  • Materials: Laminated birch wood satin finishes.
  • Snug-Fitting Inletting for superior shooting accuracy. Little or no Acraglas bedding required. Factory-made actions only.
    Will not fit custom receivers and trigger housings made by others that have different dimensional tolerances and may malfunction or damage the stock.
    Their use will invalidate the product warranty.

    Choice of colors: Pepper color only. Nutmeg, Forest Camo, and Applejack (sold out).
    Title picture at the top of the page shown in"Nutmeg" color.

    Shown: 20" x .920" fluted steel bull barrel

  • Standard diamond pattern 1/2" rubber butt pad.
  • Action: Ruger10/22 LR with factory-made receivers. No aftermarket receivers or trigger housings made by others.
  • Approximately 30" long, weight: approximately 3 lbs. 12 oz.
  • LOP: 14-1/4".
  • Ambidextrous design.
  • U.S. Patent D559,938 by Hornet Custom
  • Listing Note: No other accessories shown are included other than the rifle stock.

Recommended Applications:

Highly recommended for use with 18-20" heavy steel bull barrels where the cantilevered weight makes for muzzle-heavy balance when shooting off-hand,
particularly when using the many ultra-lightweight skeletonized rifle stocks that are not suitable for steel bull barrels. The Hornet Custom Stinger weighs in at 3-3/4 lbs. , effectively counterbalancing the muzzle heavy barrel weight. Notwithstanding, when using lightweight aluminum and carbon fiber barrels in the Stinger, the center-of-mass is shifted towards the butt end of the stock affording better weight distribution and control resulting in superior shooting accuracy.

For benchrest shooting, the tapered forend and the buttstock are flat for solid sand bag stability. Simply adjusting the stock fore or aft changes elevation at the target.

For best all-around performance and handling under all conditions. Select a premium 20" tapered sporter barrel for remarkable accuracy nearly as good as a steel bull barrel. Points fast. Easy to carry. See Forest Camo setup image below for illustration. Select the sling stud option.

Satisfaction Guaranteed: 14-day money back (excluding postage), stock undamaged, unused, or altered, returned with the same packaging materials.

Customer Feedback: Lorne,from CA - Got the stock today. Excellent fit to the action, one of the only custom stocks I've had (I've had just about all of them) that fit like a glove and felt as though no other modifications were needed to make it perfect !!! very impressed.

More details to come......

More Images: Fully rigged, options shown not included:

Target: 50 yard groups - 24 rounds

Color: Forest Camo

Shown: 20" fluted sporter barrel

Legal Notice: Ruger10/22reg is a registered trademark of Sturm, Ruger & Company.

Additional Images: (Click on a thumbnail to see a full-size picture)

Shipping and Handling: $19.50

Optional Items (Click on item name for full description):
Volquartsen Bedding System Installed - VC10BB-Installed $30.00


Ruger Factory Take-Down Screw - Item #: B-65 $3.99


Pepper Color - Pepper Color Option. $0.00


Hornet Custom  HCSRS   Our Price: $294.95    

Out Of Stock

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