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HORNET BX-Special 2.50 trigger assembly Ruger 10/22 - Silver Polymer Housing

Our Price: $129.95
$10 Off
Availability: In Stock

BX Special Silver 

"Everything you need. Nothing you don't"

Verified buyer: "Amazing!..A1 seller!...Arrived early!...Smooth as silk!...highly recommended!" - S.B.W.
"Item exactly as described. Thank you!" - 88stoke
Verified buyer: "Super fast delivery! Awesome product! Awesome seller!" - T.M
Buyer feedback: "Excellent transaction and top notch quality" R.B.C.
"Very nice trigger, very fast shipping AAAAAAAAAA+++++++++": - Private Buyer

Special Edition Product - Auction. Quantity: One (1) only.
Custom Features Only Available from Hornet Custom
  1. Precise, light 2.50 lb. trigger release. Heavier pull is available at no extra charge. Specify.
  2. Special no take-up trigger motion when Safety is OFF (in battery), ready to pull. In other words - No Spongy Trigger like the BX.
  3. ABL-QR: Auto Bolt Lock and Quick Release. To lock the bolt: Press tab and retract the cocking handle in one motion. To unlock the bolt, simply pull back the cocking handle and the bolt will snap back against the breach. Why do you need this? When the cease fire horn goes off at the range, you are supposed to make it safe. This makes it quick and easy to do in a few seconds. Otherwise, you will be fiddling with the bolt lock and the magazine release while everyone else is waiting for you to finish. It's a bit awkward and anxious.
  4. Radial trigger plunger and lightweight compression spring. This plunger is non-binding making a smoother trigger release and reset.
  5. 12-point specific parts lubrication using gun oil and grease for long trouble free service for years. No need to clean your trigger in normal use.
  6. BONUS color option: Special edition silver polymer housing. Black polymer trigger and extended magazine release.
  7. Warranted by Hornet Products. If you need service, mail it us and it will be repaired under warranty for 12-months. Turnaround time is less than three (3) days plus USPS delivery time.
  8. Delivery: 3-4 business days anywhere in the continental USA, plus AK and HI a little longer.
Why this is better than the Ruger BX Trigger:
  1. The BX trigger has NOT features 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 listed above.
  2. Typical trigger pull is 3.0 lbs. Some are lighter, but it still has a spongy pull.
  3. It does come with a dry fire block you don't really need. Alternatively, simply take the trigger assembly in your hand, pull the trigger with your fore finger, then then "catch" the hammer with either thumb. You don't have to worry about losing your dry fire block.
  4. Trigger service has to be performed by Ruger Customer Service. You ship it to them. Turnaround time is very long. Wait, then wait some more.

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Shipping and Handling: $8.50

Hornet Products  BXSpecialSilver   Our Price: $129.95    

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