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Hornet Custom Spitfire Realtree Camo Trigger Assembly Ruger 10/22

Our Price: $234.95
Availability: In Stock


  • Realtree Camo Pattern with small blems - see images
  • All metal cast aluminum housing made by Sturm Ruger & Co. (used)
  • Tactical Solutions cast aluminum wrap-around magazine release in black
  • Zero take-up. Zero trigger play. None.
  • Quantity: One (1) only.

New from Hornet Products. The Spitfire our new trigger assembly upgrade for your Ruger® 10/22® rimfire rifle & Charger®. If you have been dissatisfied with the 6-8 pound trigger pull that came with your rifle, this customized trigger assembly may be perfect for hunting & target shooting. The trigger release is light, crisp and precise only 2.75 lbs. or less. *Certified*. Each Hornet Trigger Guard Assembly has been carefully fitted, lubricated, and tested before shipment. What makes it special are the custom replacement parts included in the assembly.

Easy drop-in installation. No special tools needed. Gunsmith not required. Instructions included. After the stock is removed, two cross-pins attach the assembly to the receiver. Drift them out, drop the old assembly, and reassemble in reverse order. It can be done in less than 5 minutes without experience.

The Hornet Trigger Guard Assembly includes these special replacement parts:

  • Crisp light and precise 2.75 lb. or less trigger release. No mushy trigger play. Trigger take-up & play is nil or none.
  • Hand polished and honed Hammer for a light, smooth, trigger release
  • Lightweight Trigger Return Spring and Custom Radius Trigger Return Plunger polished for smoothness
  • Hornet Custom Sear and Disconnector honed for minimal positive engagement consistent with safety.
  • New Feature Upgrade 2/12/2012:
    Hornet Custom Fast-Action Automatic Bolt Lock & Release Kit.
    Fast cycling, hitch-free auto bolt lock & release for hassle free hunting or competition shooting.
  • New Ruger Extended Magazine Release - push forward and the magazine easily drops away with one hand - no more convoluted pinching using both hands to operate the release.
  • The coarse motion of the safety is refitted to cycle smoother.
  • All parts are fitted, lubricated, and tested.
  • Color: Black polymer housing, black trigger, and black extended magazine release.
  • *Certified* Trigger Weight: Each trigger assembly is vertically clamped to a vise.
    An exact 2.75# fixed weight is hooked to the center of the trigger for measurement testing.

Via First Class Postage. Usually one-week delivery for continental USA, HI & AK longer.

An excellent trigger choice for small game hunting, casual target shooting, and plinking.

Guaranteed Satisfaction:
30-Day Money Back Guarantee - excluding postage.
Unconditional 12-Month Service & Parts Warranty is included.

  • Since 2001: More than 6,000 satisfied customer trigger sales.

    An Aid to Marksmanship
    Have just installed and tested the second of these Hornet triggers in Ruger 10-22 rifles. The first was for a friend who is a brand new shooter. It has proven a wonderful training tool in her Ruger 10-22 Deluxe Sporting Rifle. A new shooter should never be forced to learn with a rough trigger usually delivered from the factory. An experienced shooter can handle a bad trigger but a neophyte merely becomes discouraged. The second trigger went into a new 10-22 carbine that will be developed into a nice rifle for me. The trigger as the first improvement. The other enhancements will take some thinking but the Hornet trigger was automatic!

    Jeff O. from Jacksonville NC on 11/4/2012
    Thanks Jeff!

    Legal Notice: Ruger®10/22® is a registered trademark of Sturm, Ruger & Company. Refer to and abide with the safety requirements in the factory Owner's Manual.

    Additional Images: (Click on a thumbnail to see a full-size picture)

    Shipping and Handling: $8.50

    Hornet Custom  BBT-MTL-REALTREE   Our Price: $234.95    

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